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 All friendships involve dickery

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Aaron Woodard
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All friendships involve dickery Empty
PostSubject: All friendships involve dickery   All friendships involve dickery EmptyWed May 25, 2016 1:50 pm

Nobody can deny that one of the most satisfying things one could when playing with friends in a game is being a complete douchebag and completely screw them up by throwing them in impossible to survive situations.

What would be the most hilariously horrible think you've done to troll your friends over?  Mine would be a mix of starting a hardcore server and putting spawn over a pit of lava in an already built world, or making my own base far away from the main base, and then summoning Skeletron Prime as soon as the morning started in the main base, and then teleporting out of there while everyone had their spawn point inside the base.

It's so fun to be a dick

All friendships involve dickery Thoe7l13
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All friendships involve dickery
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