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 Are you interested in mafia?

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Would you be interested in Mafia?
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PostSubject: Are you interested in mafia?   Sun Jun 05, 2016 3:13 pm

The factions
Mafia is a game of primarily two factions, which are town and Mafia. Town are the good guys, with Mafia being the bad. Town are the majority of the players and they have no idea who is on the same faction. They have to use their wit to figure out who is what, so that they can lynch the Mafia. Mafia know who each other are, and they have a quicktopic they can talk in throughout the game. They also have the ability to kill one person each night.

Day time and Night time
There is day time and night time. Day time is when you you discuss your findings of the day and point your fingers to eventually lynch someone, while Night is the time where you send in your night actions.

Town of Salem
Town Of Salem is a popular game that is heavily based off Mafia. The only differences are: it uses "roles", and are heavily reliant on them; it has a death note; and it's extremely fast paced.

At the end of the day votes will be tallied up and whoever has the most votes on them will be lynched. This means they are dead and can no longer post.

So, would you play Mafia?

Note: If you click other, please specify what you want changed.
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PostSubject: Re: Are you interested in mafia?   Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:41 pm

Ya dude
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Are you interested in mafia?
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