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 Games Section Rules – Deck Help/Garage

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Games Section Rules – Deck Help/Garage Empty
PostSubject: Games Section Rules – Deck Help/Garage   Games Section Rules – Deck Help/Garage EmptyFri Jun 03, 2016 5:14 pm

Deck Help/ Deck Garage
Welcome to the Deck Help/Deck Garage section where you are able to get support and assistance on the decks you make as well as being able to ask for certain decks to be created.

Deck Garage
When using Deck Garages you are able to ask for certain decks to be made by you. Rules and guidelines of requesting decks should be made clear for users and users should follow these guidelines set by the Deck Garage.

Deck Help
Here you are able to get constructive criticism on your decks and therefore you are able to make improvements for it.

When submitting a deck here, ensure you use a clear image of the deck or type out the cards used. State whether it is intended to be competitive or for fun. Also give a general overview as to how the deck works.


1) Global rules apply here.
2) Use constructive criticism here in your posts, don’t use negative comments “Your deck sucks”, “Delete your deck”.
3) Remain respectful.
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Games Section Rules – Deck Help/Garage
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