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 Writer's Corner Rules & Regulations

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Writer's Corner Rules & Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Writer's Corner Rules & Regulations   Writer's Corner Rules & Regulations EmptyFri Jun 10, 2016 6:39 pm

These rules apply to RPs:

- All Forum rules apply.  If you are found breaking any of the rules in this section, you WILL be punished accordingly.

- The person who makes the RP will create the scenario.  Do NOT bring up your own events into the RP.  Keep the RP focused on the point that the creator has established.  You may give the character you create backstory, but again, make it relevant to the situation the creator of the RP has stated.

- Do NOT make your character some OP god that can't be taken down.  This removes all the fun from the event.  When you make your character, keep it where it fits the character you have made

- When you make a character class, you may over time, give the character abilities outside of their starting move set.  Make sure their starting character fits the class perfectly.  For example, if you decide to be a swordsman, don't have the guy using a gun.  This is ONLY if the person who created the RP allows this to begin with.

- If the creator allows the above, the character must show progression into what they are learning.  Don't go from a mage who can instantly use a sword perfectly out of nowhere.  Show progression where the character struggles with what they are trying to accomplish, and over time, have the character gradually become better at what they are learning.

- The creator has the right to decline if you can or can not participate in the event.  If they turn you down, do NOT keep pestering them to join.

- If the creator of the event feels you're dragging them down or removing the fun, they have the right to omit you from the event and your character as well.

- Keep everything PG-13 at most.

These rules apply to Fanfics, Originals, and Poetry:

- All Forum rules apply.  If you are found breaking any of the rules in this section, you WILL be punished accordingly.

- Do not plagiarize.  You are to come up with your own original work.  You MAY use bits of work as long as you properly cite where you got the stuff from.  Failure to do this will result in your work being taken down.

- You may use elements from other things you have written, but do not flat out copy things to pad out your work.  This will count as spam and be treated as such.  References are fine, but flat out re-using things is not.

- Use proper Grammar and Punctuation.  You want to make sure the story is something that others can read.  If you decide to post nonsense that nobody can read, then it will be taken down.  If you keep doing this, then it may be seen as spam and/or trolling.

- Make sure to properly capitalize letters.

- Keep everything PG-13 at most.

Rules for the Rap Battle/Roast Cup:

- All Forum rules apply.  If you are found breaking any of the rules in this section, you WILL be punished accordingly

-  If you are partaking in an event, remember that this is all in good fun.  Do not use this as a way to attack the other person, and do your best to keep this civil.  There's a solid line between playing around and harassment.

-  Come up with your own stuff.  Do not take quotes from a book/movie or lyrics from a song.

-  If you are not partaking in an event and just watching, remember that this is supposed to be in good fun.  Do not get offended and start attacking the people in the event.

- Keep everything PG-13 at most.

Writer's Corner Rules & Regulations Thoe7l13
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Writer's Corner Rules & Regulations
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