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 Ichigo VS Hazmah | Roast Battle

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Ichigo VS Hazmah | Roast Battle Empty
PostSubject: Ichigo VS Hazmah | Roast Battle   Ichigo VS Hazmah | Roast Battle EmptyWed May 18, 2016 2:16 pm

You think you are the best, 
                                                              But you just messed with the best, 
                                                              So You will die like the rest, 
                                                              You should calm down and realize who you truly are, 
                                                              Trash talk is your thing, I will give you that,
                                                              And that makes you nothing but a brat, 
                                                              I will keep this short and concise,
                                                              So, now, You'll know who the real king is.

                                               Ichigo VS Hazmah | Roast Battle A0642029519_16

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Ichigo VS Hazmah | Roast Battle
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