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 Best Generation

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Aaron Woodard

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Best Generation Empty
PostSubject: Best Generation   Best Generation EmptyThu May 19, 2016 6:56 pm

I'll say it right now that I'm not a big Pokémon fan. I used to love it to death, but after Gen 5 I just put it down. With that said, I still enjoy to occasionally go back and play them and have fun. Overall, I think I'd have to say my favorite Gen to play is Gen 2. With that said, I don't think it's the best.

Gen 3 introduced the natures/doubles/abilities which I think make the game more creative then a glorified case of rock/paper/scissors and I'd argue this is probably the best Generation.

Then Gen 4 came out, and this is where I kinda got bored with Pokémon. This was the slowest Generation for me next to the original, and I felt this is where Pokémon started getting kinda bland. However, I can't deny how this is THE one that fixed my main problem with Pokémon in general. I DESPISE how attacks were determined as Physical or Special by their typing. Due to this, having a Gengar or Alakazam with the Elemental Punches was beyond stupid. Now it for the most part actually makes since over an attack being physical since it makes physical contact with the opponent, or special where they use some magical like attack to hit the opponent. I also enjoy how you could have a GBA Pokemon game in the DS and this would cause you to be able to run into Pokémon you wouldn't normally run into.

Then Gen 5 came out. I'll say right now that I ALWAYS hated the logic of "Every Pokémon game is the same game from the last" Sure the structure is the same overall, but they all had their own bells and whistles to stand out from the rest. While this is true here, I couldn't help but feel that this is where that felt like "More of the same" and I just lost all interest after.

With all that said, I still think all the Generations from Gen 1 to Gen 5 are great (Well, at least the remakes for Gen 1 since the GB games are complete garbage) and anyone who likes RPGs should experience them.

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Best Generation
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