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 Magnet Warrior Deck [OCG]

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Magnet Warrior Deck [OCG] Empty
PostSubject: Magnet Warrior Deck [OCG]   Magnet Warrior Deck [OCG] EmptyWed Jun 29, 2016 3:56 am

Greetings, men.
Here's the deck of discussion, my Magnet Warrior deck!
So, I tried making this deck as close to the Magnet Warrior theme as I could, so please don't recommend other archetypes ie, shaddolls/heroes/rockstun.

Now some of my card choices are pretty obvious but I'll go over them anyways; Starting off with Brilliant Fusion.
I tech'd this in because Lazuli+Vanilla monsters is a +1 already. Also, the fusion is a level 8 along with the Magna Warriors making rank 8 monsters like Felgrand optional! Not to mention that it's a target for Daigusto Emeral's 2nd effect which is quite useful considering the amount of vanillas I run.

Now considering all these vanillas I run, I've decided to tech in 3 Painful Decisions to search any.
I've also tech'd Giant Rat because Giant Rat<Beta the EM Warrior which results in a free search and Beta can tag out for another Magnet Warrior which can be handy to dodge cards like Castel or summoning a monster with more stats.
Although, Giant Rat is one of my least favorite cards in the deck considering how slow it is.

Now some of you might think 3 Trade-Ins is too much considering I only run 4 level 8's.. but there's 9 cards that can get me access to those level 8's or access to another card that can still get me access to those level 8's.

Now for the Magna Warriors, Berseron can clear fields, but that's normally all I use him for.
As for Valkyrion, I love summoning this dude. I only use him for his 2nd effect to spam field for my rank 4 plays.
Rank 4 plays, being the reason I also run instant fusion. ALSO, the field spell can contribute to rank 4 plays AND it can handle problematic monsters.

As for my monster count, I didn't want to run more vanillas than I was already running so I'm keeping it at a 2:2:2 ratio. As for the new Magnet Warriors, I run 3:3:1 since the new Gamma is trash for the point of the build. (Or in general)

Now in the side I've already thought about adding in rescue rabbit but it burns through my painful decision targets and during first turn there isn't any rank 4 this deck can make that's decent.
As for Justi-Break, since all the level 3/4 monsters in the deck can bring out a vanilla or is a vanilla, it makes Justi-Break RARELY if EVER dead. But it's pretty slow, I'd probably add something like BTS before it.

Now some of the cards I'm not so fond of in the deck is Giant Rat and Trade-In, if there's any techs I'm missing in the deck lmk. Also, I didn't make this deck to be competitive, so please don't tell me to add helmet shit like glow-up bulb for nat beast or rivalry/gozen/w.e floodgates.
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Magnet Warrior Deck [OCG]
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