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 The original series

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The original series Empty
PostSubject: The original series   The original series EmptyThu May 19, 2016 7:21 pm

Back when I was a kid, I loved the original show, I wont deny. But lately, whenever the anime is brought up, 9 times out of 10 someone says "The original is the greatest thing and the rest are shit" and I think to myself "Is it really THAT good?"

So I decided to rewatch the original series, and I don't see what was so enjoyable about it. The show barely follows the actual rulings of the game (Every spell is a quick play) and I don't find any of the characters that memorable. The only exception being Kaiba, but that's because he's nothing more than a giant child who acts like it's the end of the world when he loses a card game. I also can't stand how most games go on 5+ episodes, and most of it is just the 2 folks standing around talking (The battle against Dartz being a prime example).

I personally can't help but cringe at how characters act like there are all of these OP monsters like Blue Eyes when even back then, they were complete garbage and there were SO many cards that could just obliterate them. Also, this is more of a nitpick for each anime besides just the original, but I can't help but feel the original is the worst at it. Look at a majority of situations a player was pinned in a corner and needed some stupid sacky combo or cheat to win, when in reality, something as simple as MST would win them the game right there.

I can't say much for the writing since most of it was "Some douche decides to be a prick one day and Yugi must stop them. With that said, there are some points where the writing actively angers me. The prime example is Atem's first duel with Raphael. Atem is all "I must activate the seal to win or else the world will perish." This angers me for 2 reasons. 1st, he manages a combo right after which gets him back in the game without even needing the seal, and 2nd, NOTHING would of happened if he lost without playing it. This one scene makes me feel Atem is no better than Kaiba and makes me turn away from him. If I can't bring myself to like the main character, let alone any of them, I'm not going to have a good time.

Ranting aside, I can't deny that the original has moments, but that's all they are, moments. I can see why I liked it back as a kid, but as an adult who's mind has developed over the years, I can't help but cringe from things that are just completely wrong in the original, and the only reason I can think of is nostalgia. But hey, that's just me, and you might have a different opinion.
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The original series
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