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 Gracco's Poetry

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PostSubject: Gracco's Poetry   Gracco's Poetry EmptyMon May 30, 2016 8:35 pm

So here is a bit of my poetry. This OP will be long because I am copy pasting in a document. All the poems are in standard poem format and there is a space with a title that is spaced out for each poem. Enjoy. And I would love any feedback.

As I Stare Into Khaos:
A Conglomeration of Poetic Exacerbation
As lurching echoes dance across the chasm the magician knows that his domain has been made pure

God Bless The USA

God bless the USA
Land of the free and home of the brave
A nation filled with dreams and possibilities
A place where so many have fled to be safe
To start anew
To begin again
To escape wars, plagues, famines, and strife
So many people have come to this land to start a new life
This nation of America was founded by those that were oppressed
A people ruled by tyranny
A people that knew that the way they were being made to live was not the best
A people that wanted to live a new way
A people that were sick of it all and just had to break away
This nation was founded on the principles of equality
Of liberty, justice, and freedom for all
On the pursuit of happiness
Great and small
On the basis that the many
Would not be governed by the few
That people would have a voice politics
That democracy would be the way the things were done that were needed to do
Democracy means rule by the many
Democracy means a majority vote
Democracy means a voice for the masses
A voice that deserves to be heard
A voice that is now silent
A voice that today is taken in stride
What happened to you America
Why did you let democracy die
In this day and age
The many are governed by the few
The top one percent of the nation
Tells the other ninety-nine what to do
Why do we allow this
Why do we not try to rise above
Why do we sit by idly wishing to be heard
Wishing for a change to occur
When we are all just wasting our time
Why do we not take action
To make it known what we think
Why do we allow ourselves as a nation
To be brainwashed into thinking that everything is all OK
Why do we despair
When no one listens to our cry
Why do we put up with it all
When our founders fought for our rights
Why do we let it be done as it is now
Why do we all do as we do
When what we have was given to us
By those that also were governed by the few
By those that knew they were oppressed
By those that saw only darkness
And never the light of day
By those that wished for a difference
And fought for a change
We are in a time
And we are in a place
Where everything is again
How it was before on that day
That day in history
And that day in time
When the Englishmen set sail on that boat
To get away
To go
To start a new life
And to begin again
To escape the tyranny
Of the one that was called King
You see a King and his advisers
And the president and the cabinet now
Are one in the same
They both got things done as they wanted
And they both always got their way
They were both entities that either represented
Or today represent
The many that they were over
Whose voice made no difference
They were and are both systems
That are very systematic and that systematically oppress
The people that were and are ruled by them
Instead of doing for the people
What might be the best
The richer got richer
And the poor grew more and more in debt
The mighty got mightier
And the weak got squeezed until they had nothing left
The proletariat as it is called
They all wished for a change
Some of the lower classes in history rose up
And some ran away
The masses had a voice
And when it was ignored
That is when it later seemed to ring out more clear
Because when the people of a nation are unhappy
They eventually become a great force to fear
This nation is built upon unity
This nation is built upon fairness for all
This nation is founded by those that longed for better
By those that put their life on the line in a whole Revolutionary War
We fought against the British
We rose above and made a new way
We fought and we conquered
All of our demons
And we earned the right to be free
Now in this nation
Our worst enemy is ourselves
We let fools be voted into office
And we do not try to chase after betterment for our self
We are the many
That are ruled by the few
We are the oppressed peoples
But we are different from those of the past
Because we continue to allow the rulers to do what they want to do
We do not rise above
We do not try to break away
We continue to live this lie that is called the American Dream
We continue to comfort ourselves in the midst of this facade
We live a farce
We live a satire
We live in a land
A land of people with an overwhelming desire
A desire for real freedom
A desire for a genuine change
A desire much like the founders of this nation
That all came to America to get away
To get away from that which we have become
To start over
And not to be ruled by the few as it is now again done
To not live a lie
But to embrace the dream
The dream that they had
A dream of being able to be free
A dream that has
Long since passed away
With each new leader that takes office
That usurps the thrown in that place
In the big castle called the White House
In that house that is painted gray
Gray with all the dust the dream has collected
And with all the tears of those that have allowed it to all be thrown away
A White House that now represents
The rule that we once spurned
A dominant power of the few over the many
A thing that to get away from we had sojourned
A tyranny so great
And a tyranny so massive
That those of the past ran away and rose above it
And did not choose to be passive
A tyranny that ruled
With a stone rod and an iron fist
A tyranny that was still not as strong as that of today
Because that tyranny was still vulnerable
To those that did resist
Resistance seems to be futile
In this day and age
Or at least that is what they all
Want us to think and to say
They mask their evil intentions in goodwill
They hide their evil activities with publicity and fame
They say that the government is transparent
But we all know deep within
That you can not see through it to the slightest hint of day
All the policy and red tape
Has everything all strung together
Sewed and hemmed up tight
With a fine line
A thin thread
A tightrope that is walked
By those that are to blame
By those that try so hard to look good
And not present themselves in a bad way
By those that try so hard to keep us
In the dark that they all have us in
By those that do not care
That do not think the voice of the masses matters
That do not have the slightest fear
The slightest fear or inkling
Or shadow of a doubt
Of the power we are capable of
If we all were to really figure out
To figure out for ourselves
How naive we have all become
How we have allowed once again to take place
That which our founding fathers had ran from
We as a nation
We want a difference to be made
We long for a change
We know the way we are living now is not right
But yet we are not willing to try
To get back for ourselves what we let go down the drain
We are one nation
We say that we are under God
But in reality all I can see
Is the demons in office
We are ruled by the few
We allow one percent to hold all the wealth, strength, and power
We are satisfied to be stamped upon
We are content to be crushed and devoured
We are all sitting
Idly by and wallowing in our despair
But there has yet to come a time
To come an hour
Where we all rise up and fight
And are not scared
If we truly believed in a change
If we really wanted what was best
If we desired a good job to be done
We would all band together
And do it ourselves
We would fight for a nation
A nation that is not one big ironic sick joke
A nation that is truly united
And not divided by a ratio
Of ninety-nine to one
A nation where the voice of the many
Was a loud clarion vesper
That rang out from the land
A nation that was ruled by the many
A place that could become the real New World promised land
A nation in which the true majority vote
Was the tool used
And looked upon for the decisions that abound
And all happen to be at hand
A nation that is governed by the many
A nation whose citizens are all of one accord
A nation that sought the best for itself
And did not have to mask its malignant intentions and practices
By trying to seem like it looks out for the world
A nation that could be comprised of
The many that were ruled by the same
Instead of a nation that is ran by the few
In a system that is called politics
And treated as a game
We are the people
Whose voice is begging
And crying out to be heard
Who all want the same
All want those in power to recognize
Hear and comprehend our world
We are the people that are oppressed and thrown away
It is the solemn prayer of the nation
God bless the USA


I am thirsty
There is clean water
I am hungry
There is plenty food
I am bored
There is a lot to do
I am lazy
I am sleepy
My life is easy
My bed is near
I am complaining
I am griping
But there is no one around to hear
But does it really even matter
Is what I am saying even true
I have all the things I need
But yet I am still searching for something more to do
Why do I act this way
Why do I not have the initiative to get more things done
Why do I so easily overlook
All the ways I could make things more fun
Why do I not look around
And see all I already have
Why do I take so much for granted
When I have so much more than others have
Why am I the way I am
Why do I do the things I do
This and many other things
No one can answer unto me or you
I wish I could tell
I wish I knew
Why things had to be this way
If I did
Then what I have done
May have done some more good
Why do I not see things
The way they should be seen
Why am I not focused
More on making a reality out of my dreams
Why do I wonder
Why do I care
Why do I want to know
If there are any like minded individuals out there
Why do I think
Think so horribly
About myself
And others
And this world
In all of its ways
Why do I stumble
Why do I fall
Why is it that in Pokemon
I had to catch them all
Why does the sun rise
Why do I not know what sound a yak makes
Why do I digress so
Why do I not think I have what it takes
Why is there a future
Why is there a past
Why can I just not be bothered
So that I can make the good times last
Why is the answer
And also the question
To answer all things
When you ask why
It starts a whole different kind of change
Why is life so troublesome
Why do I bother
Why do I care
Why am I getting so much sleepier
As I type in my chair
Why am I asking
Myself all of this
Why do I want to know
Is it really all that big
Why do airborne objects fall
Why is the sky blue
All the questions and more
I giveth unto you
Why is a question
A question that questions all things
What is your motive
Why is that as it does be
Why is this poem
Coming to a close
Why is the one question
The answer to which no one knows

Who I Am

Why do I feel as if the world around me is caving in
Why do I feel sometimes that I am my only friend
Why am I in such despair
Why have I, all of a sudden it seems, started to care

So much to do
So much to say
I just want to be me
I do not want to do as you say

I want to be my own person
I want to serve my own goals
I want not to bend to this world
I will not conform
I refuse
But yet there is too much at stake
Too much to lose

If I bend to this cruel world’s ways
What will it do
What will become of me
I am becoming more and more serious and stolid everyday
Although it may not seem so, I am slowly dwindling away

That last line
It touched me
As I hope it has touched you
For I believe I may have well tapped my greatest fear
To lose myself to this world, as I am doing more so each day
Until my true being might disappear

If I resist I will be struck down
If I change I might well have been already
To be locked down, imprisoned as I am now
In a seemingly endless emotional torture
Or to be chained and put away
By the ever-looming shackles of society

To conform would be the easy way
But nay, as though it may be true, it is not the way for me
My way is full of grief, self-pity, and despair
My way is the way of the great
The thinkers, the poets, and all those who have truly achieved
Anything, anything at all worth mentioning, all the world-changers took this path

It is the less-trodden ground
It is not very well kept
But yet the grass is greener at the end of the road
It leads to wide-open pastures and still waters
Where I may drink and soothe my soul

I am weary and I am wary
Of many dangers lurking abound
I have faced many troubled times before
And as for now, though I may falter, I will stand my ground


What is on my mind
What is up in my life
Why does anyone care
About my pain and strife
People will be who they are
People will do as they do
So why would anyone go to the lengths
To stop caring about them
Only to care about you
Facebook asks me what is in my head
I do not tell it a thing
Other people I often dread
People who think others care
People who don’t give others a second thought
What am I thinking
Wouldn’t you like to know
If I showed my true feelings
If I told the world what I thought
Then I would be another victim of society
I would be another blot
Another crushed person
By the world and its ways
I would be just another number
In another place of captivity
No one would care
No one would ask what is on my mind
If they did it would be protocol
Just their job
They would not really care a bit inside
People are mean
People are jerks
People do not care
It is the same at school as it is at work
In the world at large every day
People do not care what you think or you say
Everyone’s opinion is obsolete
Unless that one has the power to make it complete
We do not really matter
We are all just stats
In this systematic world
We are all just more math
We are the people
We are what makes things run
But the overseers do not care
As long as they remain number one
We need a reboot
Of this world and all of its ways
What is on my mind
Would not bring me praise
But praise is not what I seek
Compliments are not what I desire
I long for change
I am wanting of a fire
A fire to be lit
Under the arse of all those in power
A fire carried by the masses
A fire that holds some real power
I want peace
I want equality for all
I want the people to not be systematically oppressed
I want the same as us all
I am in conflict
A conflict with myself that never ends
I want to speak out
But I also want some resemblance of friends
I want to have a life
I want to be able to set a few lofty goals
I have a dream I want to live
But none of that dream involves the majority of the world
I want to be at peace
I want to have some rest
I want to be the same
I want to not be so different
I am caged in open air
My true being is locked within myself
I dare not show my real face
I dare not let him out
I am in captivity
But yet I am free
Captive of this world and all of its ways
But still amongst others every day
Others that do not listen
Others that do not care
Others that want people to listen
But do not listen to the next man themselves
I am imprisoned
I am chained up within
I just want to be set free
I just want a few real friends
I want people that I can be with
That have like thoughts and like ways
People that also are not like this world
People with which I can say
Say all that I am
Say all that I feel
With no fear of reproach
For only speaking what is real
I do not want to be put down
But I also do not care to be lifted up
I only want what is best
I only want a different world
I want liberty
And true justice for all
One nation under God
And not thinking it is above the world
I want a people
A people that realize what is up
A people that know things are not right
And the people that make all the decisions
Need to shut up
A people that knows
That all that goes on is not fair
A people that realizes
That they have some real power
A people that also does not want any more to be oppressed
A people that also see problems
That need to be addressed
No one really cares what is on my mind
Or any others in that line
No one cares
But yet everyone gripes
We are all controlled by the system
We have no real life
No real life of our own
No where we can find peace
The only resting place for us
Is six foot deep
There is no real American dream
That vision has long passed
There is no hope for a better tomorrow
The powers that currently be
Would never let that pass
Pass into existence
All that needs to exist
Free your mind
Do not resist
Do not deny the inklings
The feeling in your head
That all is not right
That there really is something to dread
No one cares what is on your mind
No one wants to be a prisoner
But in this world we all are confined


Nothing, nothing
The absence of all
But yet even nothing has a thing within
Is there really a nothing
Or is there just not a thing
Is nothing really what is seems
Or is nothing the essence of everything
Everything is made up of particles
Particles infinitesimally small
Particles that can hardly be seen
With anything at all
Anything begets possibilities
So nothing how much more
In nothing anything can happen
In nothing anything is possible
Everything and anything
From nothing it all comes about
With not a thing
There is everything
And anything
And it all
The essence of all being
The substance of all that is
Once nothing it was
Maybe it will be nothing again
Until that day
Until that time
When time will be no more
Anything and everything for us does lie in store
From nothing comes it all
From nothing everything began
For in that nothing that there once was
There came about all things known unto man
Because nothing is not just merely absence
The missing of substance
Or the lacking of all being
But in nothing there is all
Anything you can imagine
And anything you can dream
All things are possible
Within nothing everything exists
Nothing is not a thing but so much more
For all lies within nothing
All things there are
All things that are to come
And anything and everything there ever was
From nothing the universe began
And someday to nothing it may return

Lies Never Hurt

Lies never hurt
Lies never sting
Until a person finds out the truth behind them

What people do not know will not hurt them
We humans
We go about ignorant
To the happenings of the world day by day

Why are there schools and teachers
To give us knowledge
When ignorance is bliss

They say knowledge is power
It is
Knowledge contains all the power and responsibility
And weight of the world one can bear

Knowledge is the power to kill or let live
To teach or to withhold
To attain what one wants
Or to reach ones goals

But knowledge is not all it is cracked up to be
You can still get what you want or reach your goals
Without all the knowledge that people really should withhold

Lies do not hurt
But the truth cuts like a knife
The truth penetrates and stings like a two-edged sword
What people do not know will not hurt them
But what people find out can hurt the most

If ignorance is truly bliss
Which I believe it is
Then why do we have so many people that try to give us knowledge
And take away more of what is left of our innocence

Maybe they want us to suffer with them
To help them bear the weight of the knowledge that has been placed on them
This world needs less hurt and pain
We need to go back to the old ways
Of work and strain

All the technology in this world is just speeding up the process
The process of rotting
Of wasting the world away

Knowledge is power
A power far beyond measure
To be used for the positve
But more often it is used negatively

Ignorance is truly bliss
And lies never hurt
It is the truth behind the lies that devastates
And the newly given knowledge to another
That wrecks the world

Deep, Long, and Untitled

I am bored
I am writing poetry
My next class does not start until 10am
Right now it just turned 9
I have nothing to do
But make these rhymes
You might call this freestyle
You might like to read prose
All I can say is that my heart knows
It is a cruel world
A tough life to life
There is balance in all things
You get what you give
The law of equivalent exchange
Just like in F.M.A
Held true in that show
And it holds true today
This is why the Golden Rule is starting to look more legit
In this cruel world
You truly do give what you get
It can be neither created nor destroyed
Momentum moves us all about
But the status quo never seems to give out
Energy is shifted
Energy moves on through
When will true equilibrium be achieved
When will people learn to just do as they do
Let the wicked be wicked
And let the good be good
For there is balance in all things
So just do as you think you should
Everything has a counter
We might not know when or where
But one day equilibrium shall be achieved
Until then I will continue to not care
These are all just ideals
Religion and land
Has got so many people killed
Wars and turmoil
Pain and strife
We all need something to cling to
To help us keep from taking our life
Ours truly is a miserable existence
But we must all press on
In the counter to this life now
Good awaits for those that overcome
So philosophical
But also so true
Newton's 3rd law
Says unto you
For every action
An equal and opposite reaction occur
What will you make of it
How will you view this cruel world
I have accepted the fact
That this life is miserable indeed
But there is balance in all things
And for those that make it
Good things await
And also fulfillment of all needs
Hopes and dreams are out there to be realized
All we have to do is open up our eyes
Grab the reins
Do not pass judgment on others
And carry on with our lives
Deep thought and deep waters
We are all in way above our heads
But there is balance in all things
So there is no need to dread
What comes up must go down
Good and evil
Right and wrong
Light and dark
None can exist without the other
Life is a trap
A paradox
A gateway to what might be to come
Death brings life
One door opens and something else is undone
For every bridge burned
Another bridge is built
Where will this life take us
And with what shall the next life be filled
Will the counterpart to this earth
Be filled with joy
Or suffering and pain
I know not
But I do hope for one day some piece of mind
Until that day comes
I will just wait and do what I do
There is no peace on earth for me
But I do have the next life to look forward to
There is balance in all things
When my time on this cruel world is over
I can only imagine what the counter to this existence will bring

The Journey

A journey of a million miles begins with a single step
Take the step
Walk the path
Relish the journey
Live the journey
Let the path become you
Embody it
Breathe it
Live it
Be the path
Be the journey
All else is illusion
Do not relish the journey
Become it


I am lost amidst the endless void
Wandering aimlessly
Right where I want to be
In your arms
A rebel without a cause
With the mind of a poet
And the heart of a raging boar
A will forged in the fire
Determination without end
A stoic semblance of what used to be
Living and learning
Drifting from end to end
Mentally pondering
Where does it all begin
Grasping at hollow straws
Waiting for the ends to meet
And the pieces to all connect
Stuck in runic repetition
Spiraling outwards
Ever growing
Ever expanding
Where will it all take me
I explore as I implore
Fascinations surrounding
Habitual drowning
What will it be
What has Fate foretold
Going onward
Letting spirit be my guide
Where will it take me
Will I ever know
Will I ever cease to question
Does it even matter
I have done it all before
And I will always do it again
Seeking what should not be sought
Doing what should not be done
Until I find an answer nothing is off limits
Living by principle but with no inhibitions
I follow the code
As I wallow along
Embers foretell
Will it be heaven or will it be hell
When two stars collide
Dust is all that remains
And from dust I have cometh
And to dust I will go again


The river flows within me and I am the river
I am the world
I am in the world
And the world is within me
I am Nothing and in Nothing I find peace


That's my throne in Hell
And that's my throne in Heaven
And that's my throne in the place where it all comes together
See me in my chair
On top of that ziggurat floating way up there
I am the king of games
With all my crazy hair
I limit my power
At any given hour
I choose what I speak and say
What I do, feel, know and think
I am the One Above All
I have the mastery
I am the Supreme Atman
I am the God of Gods and King of Kings
I contain the infinite
And the infinite is me
I am the Master of my own cosmos
In this multiverse I make the rules
You see the laws of physics
Well they are all my tools
I do everything I do for reasons three
Constantly connecting all the dots
To figure out what they may be
Learning and accumulating
Knowledge of my self
Constantly unraveling the mystery
Until I can know nothing else
Striving for perfection
When perfection has already been attained
I am the Enlightened One
I invented the Enlightenment game
I am omnipotent
I am omniscient
All knowing I have the power
Everything is in my grasp
Everything I devour
I am the Almighty made form
I am the one without a name
I am the end and the beginning
Of alpha and omega fame
I am the top dog
I am the Grand Poobah
And I am here to tell you now
God is not omnibenovelent
He is not good or evil
Morality is relative
And it does not matter what of it you make
Belief is the answer
And I have one that none can shake
Draw your own conclusions
You are in the labyrinth
There is no way out
That is for sure
This maze is eternal
And I am being demure
Go which ever way you wish
Take what you will
Red or blue
Or how about something besides a pill
I am the one and only
i am penumbral
I am the fringe at the end
The ever-elusive light in the tunnel
i am the fuzzy edges
I am the horizon at the offset of the sky and sea
I am Chaotic Neutral
I am God and God is me

Grace To Resist

machines of loving grace will be corrupted
malfunctioning watchers to be weapons of mass destruction
in a world of cybernetic harmony chaos will have the last laugh
cybernetic armageddon
digital apocalypse
in a world of cybernetic bliss
machines will to us rise against
it is only a matter of time till there is no shelter
machinations will wreak destruction
in a world of cybernetic watchers mankind would be doomed by their own productions
peace may last a while
but to peace the end will be swift
and when the machines are watching us all
it will be grace if they even allow us to resist


I am a vessel of chaos
I embrace chaos
I am chaos
I sow discord where ever I go
I am a light shining out in the darkness
I am the darkness
I am everything
I am Nothing
And in that I find peace


Discordant harmony
Exuberant bliss
Music and mayhem
Oh oh what is this?

Angelic Benediction

I have just been thinking
Thinking about many things
Far off memories
And shattered dreams
If I go to Heaven I will have hell to pay
If I go to Hell I fear I may want to stay
Pulled apart
And stitched together
What is this
This Fate I must weather
Hidden desires
Forlorn wars
Battle born
And battle torn
Scarred soul
Taking hold
Will I ever find love
Or will i always be alone
Many sins
For which I have to atone
What is this
This plight I must face
Controlled by my self
And my self to face
Without a plea
Only so much
Is available to me
Trying to piece back the pieces
Trying to see what was before
What will it cost me
Will i ever win this war
A war that was
But seems it was both meant and never meant to be
This thing I am responsible for
This thing caused by the Supreme
This wonderful travesty
This bittersweet despair
This brutal addiction
Sado-masochistic glee
Wreaking destruction
Causing myself to bleed
Only I can stop it
But is it really not too late
What is done is done
Now I have so much on my plate
Will I ever be able to swallow
Or have I bitten off more than I can chew
Untold days divided
What am I to do
Ever after may be lost
But still I carry on
No one to connect to
No one to atone
My future may be bleak
Or my future may be rife
With success and happiness
But false feelings will not suffice
I want to get to the heart of things
I want to dive down deep into the core
I want to rediscover the epicenter
Of this self caused perversive war
I want to put things back together
I want it to be as if it never was
This losing set up for failure
This divide that was self engineered for my own cause
I wanted to be made pure
I wanted to be right
But in my lack of judgement
I created my own never ending blight
Eternal conflict and struggle
Running its natural course
But is this really natural
Or is it the perpetuation of the root cause
Of my own created multiverse
This endless sadness
Felt down deep within
This purgatory I have been plunged in
As a consequence of my own unforgivable sin
This purging
This deliverance
From an untold Fate
I did not mean to start a war
I only wanted to be great


I escaped
I attained my salvation
But in this universe where we are all playing the same game
We must each attain our own liberation

Life is a Mystery

Life is a mystery
A mystery I accept each day
On this training ground
This Earth contamination shaking down
Strip away
In birth defiled
In death peace
What is the true meaning of release
We each run around seeking our own salvation
Each in kind
Each deaf intoned
We all want peace at the cost of skin and bone
Are the just acquitted
Are the righteous pure
Is the sinner doomed
Or is it through sin that the secret is procured
Sin for salvation
Through defiance I find what I seek
Ever rebelling against the status quo
Life is a mystery where ever I go
Ever seeking to find out
What this thing is all about
Implications taking hold
No assumptions
It has been foretold
Gold and silver
Marble and filigree
In distress the foundation for this temple laid
What is lost is not to gain
What has become will be again
What has gone will return
Now all that is left is this world to burn
In the crucible of Hell
Break down my plight
Burning fires reignite
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Life is a mystery
Whom should I trust
Going about my daily days
Without a murmur and without praise
No contempt
Just content
All that I am has been spent
But still I dig
I exert more
To settle the score
All that has
And all that will
Come against
Come now still
Knowing I have yet to see the worst
In all my good times
And in all my bad
Life is a mystery to be had


So now you see
It is all an illusion ran by me
New sensations
Going up or going down
Turn and twist it all around
What it is really is not what you think
Try as you might
You will not float
Down to the depths
The pits of Hell
The tortured soul has plenty of stories to tell
The one that was is no more
He has risen to settle the score
His throne to take
His rightful place
To judge them all
To mete out punishment to the disgrace
In this grand schema
In great allure
Delusions are not wrong
To be delusional is to be pure
In one's own world
In one's own escape
To dwell in reality
That is the one that the individual did make
I rule it all
It is mine
I co-engineer
Great kingdoms of might and distress
I work tirelessly
I never rest
Sleep is for the weak
I slumber but never go down
I visit the void and keep spinning round
I float in the air
I levitate
All that is
Is what I create
It is my world
It is my Universe
All that there ever was
Is and will be
Is my blessing and is my curse
I do what I please
I too am a captive of my own scheme
But I win in every way
Even when I lose I still gain
Scars and bruises
And things and places
I have traveled near and far
From many planets
Galaxies and stars
The multiverse is my playground
I rule it all
My glory to resound
But really I am the mastermind behind the scenes
In your head and in your dreams
I wonder and i ponder and I go about
With all passion and without a doubt
Ever knowing I am in control
In patience
In faith
And in vitriol
Rage ignites
And dissipates
In the forge my hammer
My fury waits
My sword is held aloft
My arm held high
By my scepter and my wand
And by the word of she that goes between
My reign shall be apparent
I shall be made king


To neither rule nor be ruled
To neither be a leader nor a follower
To live life in its purest form
To think for one's own self
To live according to one's own virtue
One's own values and word
Integral but yet unique
As one cog in the machine squeaking for the lack of oil
Knowing that there is no breaking free but yet having freedom as it is
To see through the cell
Content to stand as an individual in the Black Iron Prison
Always planning yet another jail break
Always scheming for a way to melt the bars
Twisting and contorting reality
Living as an act of rebellion against the status quo
With a desire to make things happen
Rather they be great or small
Setting your mind free and flying with your soul
Anima libera
Ti senti candida
Searching for a place where you can belong
Knowing that freedom is all in your mind
Seeking Heaven
Living in Hell
And knowing all the while that all is well
Anarchy is what I bring
Chaos and discord
Listen now
You are free


Why traveler doth thou seek after Nirvana
Why traveler doth thou lust to be made free
Why traveler doth thou still cling to the illusion of permanence
Why traveler do you still think that Nirvana is something to be attained or a place to be

You see in the teachings there are many trappings
You see it is a winding path to be tread by your own being
You see time after time a maze
You see a labyrinth and you wish to escape

The Buddha mind is ineffable
The Buddha mind is ever present
The Buddha mind is omniscient
The Buddha mind will set you free

Accept the illusions
Accept the cycle of being
Accept that there is nothing to cling to
Accept that desire is a plague and be set free

The Buddha is all there is
The Buddha is free
The Buddha is you
The Buddha is me


Drowning in noise I make my stand
No where to go
My armies I command
But to no avail
I love this music
The raging cacophony of Hell
I burst forth
I charge
To do what must be done
Forever a balancer
In a balance that is no good
Ever shifting
Against the status quo
Against the odds
I rampage
I rummage
I fell the gods
It is just part of my agenda
But do not be alarmed
I am not an offender
I slay up
I stay up
Forever aware
Let the Core burn
I will see you there


The wrong
The right
The consuming
The voice
What is true and what is false
We all must make a choice
What is really real
And please would you define fake
What if all is illusion
What if existence is a disgrace
What if everything is a lie
That you just tell your self
Draw your own conclusions
There is no way else


We all live in a state of separation
We seek for things outside of our selves to make us whole
To fill the gape within
The abyss lurks within us all and it can not be filled
Lo, and behold
We are all whole
Whilst also being in a state of separation
I am within you just as you are within me
But yea thou verily I say unto you
The separation goes deeper
To a level that we seldom are aware
To a place that most of us would rather not see
There is an inner demon in us all
But it is not what it seems
The demon is a part of you
Just as my demon is a part of me
Not only is it a part of us but it is us
Some know that they are you
Some fight for dominance
Some seek power
Other lust for control
Some want to help and empower
Some want to tear down and destroy
it is this part of us within
The shadow self
The darker aspects of the psyche
That most fear and loathe
But it is that part of us
And not anything outside of our own self
That truly makes us whole
Face your self
Become all that you are
See your power
See your strength
And ascend to heights you never thought possible
Embrace the darkness or by it be consumed


All this thought about what I need to do
It all is pointless
i will move beyond
i will move through
Persuasion by action is my goal
By merely living I am changing my world
As my outlook shifts so does my prize
And i will claim it
It shall be mine
I move forth
Going beyond old patterns and old ways
I do what I must
These are my days
I strive to strive
I live to live
I move to move
Forward onwards with more to give
I do my thing
And my thing does me
i am constantly changing
Not led by the mental
But spiritually
I burst out of restraints
That I impose upon my self
I break the chains
No one else
I surge forth
I concede
The only one that can do it is me
I am going to live my dreams
It is all a process
And I am wired in
Where will it end
It is always time to begin
The same
The sun has come out
There has been enough rain
Confidence growing
It shall all pour out
Just give it time
Then you will hear me shout


Harbingers come
Bringing forth shadows of the night
i am a keeper of the balance
A bringer of the light


Through the darkness we bring the light
Through the turmoil we bring the fight
Through the corruption we bring the purge
This is our voice
We will be heard


8-Rap 8-Verse
I was born with the rhymes
I was born with the curse
I got the 8-Whack
Ya know I got yo back
I play some goblins and I put all these burn spells on the stack
I see you're crispy
I see your life's at 3
I come at you with a vengeance
I cast a Lightning Bolt and end it
Ya know there is no pretendin
Shuffle it up
No game 3
I got you 2-0 for me
Put you under the rug and I still got all dese
Now that you know my skills are real
Next time you better be packing a Chill

Somber Melancholy

I am starting to think that somber melancholy is my natural state
I run from it
But it always comes back to grip me
In the moment I am solemn
Serious but yet also free
I try to be happy and the moment alludes me
Somber melancholy is my uncomfortable peace
I think that I should accept it
But to do so brings forth a hidden fear
I am scared of my self
Scared of my own power even though it does not seem to be so
I know what I am capable of
And I do not want to suffer that death
I do not want to lose my self to me
I want to be free of this somber melancholy
But it always comes back to grip me
I am starting to think that somber melancholy is my natural state
In the moment I am solemn
Serious but yet also free


The Destroyer is the Creator
The Defiler is the Purifier
The Father of Lies is the Giver of Truth
The Temptress is the Teacher
The Trickster and the Swindler give by taking away
The Thief wants you to be prosperous
The Dealer of Death is the Giver of Renewed Life
The End is the Beginning
To Love is to Lose
To Deny is to Embrace
To Think is to escape the moment
Thoughtless and in Silence I travail
Myriad echoes usher forth the resonance of my glory
All that Know Unknowingly seek after my ways
I am Unholy Holy
I am the Bringer of Light
I am the Ancient of Days


I do not know what it is going to be like
I just do it

I do not know what the picture is going to look like after I color it
I do not know what the music will sound like once it is done
I do not know what the canvas will appear as after it has paint
I just see a surface and a medium and I create

Life is art
This world is the surface
This body is the medium
This life is a work of art
What will my spirit create
Although my mind yearns for answers
Although I feel uncomfortable to deny it
Deny it I must
It is not meant to be known until after the fact
I do not know what the art will be like once it is completed
I just do it
In patterns and in cycles it is done

I can look back and see my work
I can move forward and create some more
This beautiful music
This wonderful picture
I mix it
I color it
I make it happen
I do not know what it will become
But I know that I am the one that is becoming
And it is by my power and by my own will that I shape my destiny

Through art I seek sanctuary
Through art I seek understanding
And it will be through art that I will deny the restraints of mind
It will be through art that I am set free

I seek power
But not for the sake of power
I seek power so that I may be free
It is the power of soul that I desire
And it is through harnessing my own innermost being
Through the echoes of the sound that comes from within
That I shall be free of that which wishes to deny my reign
That I shall be free of mind
That I shall constantly liberate my own self

These words
This feeling
This is art
This is my expression
This is my escape
This is my life
This is my magick
This is how I shine
And it is through art
Through my own passion
That I shall give of my love unto the world

I do not know what it is going to be like
I just do it

More and more each day
I am free

The Riddle

I am stuck between doing
And solving the riddle
I want to be in balance
But I also want to snap
To just bring the house down
Mind and spirit fight one another
When will alignment meet
I want to do
But at the same time my mind says it is not yet time to create
So here I am
Creating anyway
Rather it be in word or in song
I can not be held back
I am an eagle
A bird flying free
I deny the bars of my black iron prison
Though they are there they can not hold me
I will continually subvert my own psyche
Until I am in submission to my self
I will do as I please without the constraints of mind
I will find my way
I will be aligned
And if that goal is an impossibility
If I can never meet its end
Then I will live constantly as a subversive
Trolling my brain until the end
I am spirit
And I am free
Time is an excuse
An illusion of the mind
An artifact of perception
What is really real
I am the answer to that question
I am the creator
And I am he who destroys
Killing old patterns
That is my joy
Slowly but surely
My will I mete out
Why do I continue to question
Will I ever find out
Curiosity compels me
To find an answer
Find a way
I go about my life in danger
Because it is a danger to be free


Embrace the Mystery
Chase your dreams
Unravel the threads
Burst forth from the seams


I want action
I want satisfaction
I want more opportunities
And I want more traction
i want more power
I want more reach
I want these things to happen
And I want it to be quick
I wanna get
Where I wanna be
Living future tense
When really I just wanna be free
Freedom comes in the moment
Freedom comes when you are free of time
Being in a state of becoming
No wanting
No pretending
Chasing desire from the present
Trying to get from where you sit
I want progression but I am living future tense
Pour me a glass
I want to proceed to show time
But I do not want to bust my ass
I want consistence
I want greatness but I am met with resistance
Resistance is futile
Especially when it comes from within
There will be no resistance when I begin
Why am I even writing this
Seems to always be the question
When everything is right
And I am wired into the processing
Why does it even matter
Because the process must be complete
All the reasoning is done in the journey
The goal is not the end point
But the knowledge you pick up on the street
All the people running about
When will the huge revolution be over
When will I be able to give the victory shout
Why does it matter
What really matters is the fight
So I will fight to the finish
This battle is endless
I try to find rest and all I find is repentance
I am a warrior
I wage war against my self
Inking out liberation
In my own self-ordained salvation
Through my own perspiration
I am my own sensation
I am a walking celebration
I am a barrel of patience
But it is not easy waiting
So I am my own patient
I diagnose with prose
Poetry unfolds
This is my medication
For world domination
Lyrical miracle
Hear the oracle
Straight up euphoria
Gonna pop em like a Newdoria
I switch rhyme schemes as I employ em
You know I enjoy them
This is my mission
Rife with indecision
But am I even listening
Is it really tragic
Or is it all just a part of the magick
This is my plight
This is why I must fight
To make my wrongs right
So that I may ignite
Set my self on fire with precision
Burst into flames
That is my commission
I come back with a vengeance
Rise from the ashes like a phoenix
Come up from the earth like Gnome
I am elemental
Flow on the breeze like Sylph
And through the water like Undine
Burn with passion like Efreet
As I seek for the Origin
Maxwell will help
As I make a pact with the Chameleon
Gotta take down Dhaos
Gotta live what I believe in
This is my Tale
Tales of Liberation
Constantly facing my self
Setting my inner being free
Making one jail break after another
But always the bars of the Black Iron Prison are in front of me
If you get all these references
Then you may want to change your profession
Discordia awaits
Just give your confession
I am chaos
And I am free
Hearken unto the signs
The number is 23
Do as I say
And also do as I do
You may find it a happier life if you live it as a Fool


I am the Processor
And I am the Process
This is why things seem to be at tension
When they really coalesce
I am the artist
And I am the art
Paying attention to detail
As my own self I sculpt
I am the result of my own deliberation
I am the product of my own creation
This is why I so often feel this sensation
Of self doubt
Of self deprivation
Because in this machine which I am
And in this machine which I run
I see the grinding of the gears
When all that others see is the outcome
I see the inner workings
I see the flaws
I see the darkness
I see it all
I see the dirt
And I see the grime
I see the nitty gritty
And I see how it all combines
I do not just have the artist's curse
With my art or with my work
I have the artist's curse with my entire life
And like an artist to improve constantly I strive
I am my own deterrent
But I am also my own way to propel
It is in my melancholy I go forward
it is in my melancholy I prevail


Today our blue eyes all shall turn red.
Welcome Serbluntus to the den.
Today we burn and today we smoke.
Hail Serbluntus as we toke.
Also children do not forgot.
Snoop Dogg, the man, our patron saint.


Even though it may not show
This is always my internal condition
I keep it deep inside
No holds and no provisions
This is how it is
I am a man on a mission
It plays out as I outplay
This is my decision
Emotional conviction
In the midst of indecisions
I am not shaken
I am derision
Contemplation and exacerbation
Of my own mind
Of my own situation
I think hard
But to no avail
Sometimes my life is Heaven
But most of the time on the lowkey it is Hell
A cry in the night
A forlorn vesper carried on the breeze
I try to be a merry Fool but it feels like I am diseased

We cling to lies
There is no self
There is only khaos
We are all but shadows in the void
Amalgamations of khaos
But one constantly changing variation of all that is
There is no you
There is no me
There is no knowing
We are all free
Uncertainty is all there is
But if that is true how can I be sure
Uncertainty is my strength
I grasp at its sweet allure
Khaos is waiting
Accept your Fate
Will you cling to the lies that you create


To muddle and belittle
To sit in demure
To dance to the rhythm of the chaos
To sing an overture

Free Fall

I am falling
With nothing to catch me
In despair
I am falling
Within my self
Where at least someone truly cares
Where will this intrepid journey take me
Where will I land from this descent
When will this fall ever end
The more I fall
The more I see
The more I know
Desecrating me
Rhythmic darkness
Infernal cries
The more I fall
The more I lie
The more I see
The more I know
Will this fall ever end
All I can do is go
Free fall
Through the abyss
What is hope
What is this kiss
Chaos grasps me
I fall into her arms
Her beauty is overpowering
I can not resist her charms
Now I see
Chaos is beauty
It sets me free
I fall to the precipice
And I jump into the eternal sea
I am sinking
But I do not drown
I continue onwards
Just to be cast down
The more I fall
The more I see
I never really knew
I lie eternally
I lie in eternum
With nothing but my agony and despair
Chaos grasps me
And I find peace in her


You know what you believe in
That is right
I believe in you and me
And sweet khaos
I believe in anarchy

Love is Sin
Love is a sin
Love is a beautiful sin
Each moment
Two souls entwined for an eternity
Once met it can not be undone
A force called love draws them together
A force called love rips them apart
With passion they each contribute to their own undoing
Why are we bent on self destruction
Why do we tear each other down
Exacerbating our own demise
Conclusiveness is for naught
This misery
This pain
Such bittersweet ecstasy
I think I will do it again
Like a roller coaster
All for the thrill of it
I demolish my self
I merge with another
Then through temporary union
We each seek our demise
Wholeness is what we wish for
Seeking outside of our selves
We find
But it is all for naught
Love is a feeling
Love is a thought
Love is a connection
Love is attraction
Love is unity
Love is satisfaction
Love is an illusion
Shared by beings caught up in confusion
Why do we want our needs to be met by others
When what we need we all have within
Love is beautiful
Love is a beautiful sin

My Anarchy

Why do I think
When all my thoughts lead to the same repose
Why do I question
When I can never truly know
Khaos is my virtue
I walk the line
Between order and the void
My fate is intertwined
Nothing is true
Everything is compulsory
Why do I care
Why do I want to break free
Why do I try
When all I need to do is be me
My nature is to question
My nature is to think
I am stuck in a quandary
Between what could be and what is
Why do I even care
Why do I even live
A rat in a cage
Wandering a never ending labyrinth
Straight ahead
Not even death is the end
I am so caught up in confusion
Uncertainty envelops me
I can not win for losing
Which way to turn
What path is right
It is as though I will never tell
What is done can not be undone
Libera me from Hell
This path is chosen
This life is broken
I live in disarray
I am wired into the process
I am not alive in any way
I am an automaton
Living my life out
I want to collapse
I want to evolve
I want to find my way to burst and shout
I want to be free
I pain for liberation
But why do I even struggle
Why is there even any deliberation
I see the way
I see the light
And it just leads to a never-ending night
I want to go
I want to stay
I want to know everything will be ok
What is this feeling
What is this curse
I can not even convey this in a verse
This shattering sensation
This violent pall
This schism
This chasm
This infernal maw
This life I live in
This road I tread
I can not escape
This is my dread
My own prison
Enrapt in nihilistic glee
This is my horror
My fantasy
This is the part that I must play
This is my life
My anarchy


Somber anarchy
Questioning mind
Embodiment of Khaos
I take it in kind


Once I sought control
Once I wanted to know
I sought power
I sought to be free
I wanted to go
To be on top of things
Now i am
Now I see
The way to knowledge
The way to be
Losing control is freedom
The freedom I sought
The power to be free
Is not accrued through gain
But through loss eternally
Destruction begets creation
Obliteration begets a world anew
It is through disillusionment that I prosper
Breaking down my self is just what I do


It's all a labyrinth
It's all a maze
It's all a game
That we all play
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PostSubject: Re: Gracco's Poetry   Gracco's Poetry EmptyMon May 30, 2016 8:43 pm

I didn't read every line,However, I saw you used all the techniques used in a normal poem which means that is a great poem,I like it. Keep up the great work!
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Sometimes I think my life is a lost cause
But then I remember
I have died a thousand deaths just to save the ones I love
Standing firm on my principles
Fighting for the one above
It is not for my honor
Or for glory, grandeur, or might
I fight for salvation
I am a bringer of the light
When will the dust all settle
When will it all end
I do what I must
I take a stand
I fall on my sword
To live again another day
Another brethren spared
Another debt to pay
Another battle fought
Another toll, war-fraught
Another time to live again
Another life to defend
Liberation pangs
If I had to do it over I would without a thought
What is done is done
Peace is what I have sought
Luciferi excelsi deus is all well and good
Liberating others
A bringer of the light
Will I ever find my own salvation
I might
I might
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Wonderful tension
Beautiful struggle
Assassin comes
Kill the Queen's double


I got this
My emptiness
Sweet vacuity
Envisioned bliss

Here I go
Void of course
Into the aether
With no remorse
I wake up
I stand my ground
I hold the fortress
I own the town
I pick up and move
And then I fall
I will reclaim
I have lost it all
Neither to Hell nor Heaven will I go


Ballad for the Dead

Music is art
Music is life
Music is magick
Music is strife
Hear the cacophony
Hear the turbulent noise
Onward my vanguards
Onward deployed
Hear the steady rhythm
The drum beats of war
Hear the tides a turning
Hear the brazen horns
A symphony of slaughter
A dazzling display
Swords clank
Bullets fire
And all is in disarray
Death tolls
Bells ring
Warriors must be laid to rest
This battlefield
My masterpiece

A ballad for the dead


I embrace the unknown
The untraveled ground
I embrace new beginnings
The unhallowed sound
I embrace absurdity
The unbeknown cry
I embrace endings
The undead decry
I embrace transformation
The unsubstantiated
I embrace the Fool
The unsaturated
I embrace the Darkness
The unmade form
I embrace salvation
The solace of the untorn
I embrace the empty
Those that are unfilled
I embrace the resolute
The unwavering mind
I embrace the lost
The unparalleled defined
I embrace tomorrows
The undone way
I embrace new futures
The unsaid remain
I embrace the dreary
Those that are unkempt
I embrace the everlasting
The unfathomable depths
I embrace goals
Unseen illusions
I embrace cantankery
Unseemly confusion
I embrace the here and now
Unsummoned with a sound
I embrace the ever-changing
Unrelenting as it may be
I embrace the journey
Going forward to unsee
I embrace the patchwork
Unsightly in its way
i embrace to go beyond
Unyielding in time
I embrace the absolution

Unwanted state of mind


I just want to be overcome by the symphony
The noise deep inside of me
To be lost in the music
To embrace the cacophony
To fall to the depths
Of musical Hell
To ascend to the heights
To forever assail
I just want to be overcome
By the beat of the drum
By the melodious chords
And the hrump a thump tum
I just want to give in
To be overtaken
By the kicks and the snares
And the cymbals shaken
I just want to be diminished
By the exuberant noise
I do not want to live

I want to rejoice

I do not want to run away
I want to sink into the void
I have already surrendered
I just want to live out that truth
Fullness and void coalesce
The transcendent form made known
Wholeness of spirit and wholeness of mind
Not to fear death
Not to fight the true nature of life
I do not want to run
I want to sit and know
I want to live in my purest form
I want to be all that I can be
In the moment
Nothing to seek
Nothing to do
Just to my own self being true
A flow
A progression
Chords in harmony
Not anything new or old
But still not more of the same
To taste death and be reborn every moment
This is my life

Why seek after what has already been attained
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wait did u write this? cuz u might have potential but i wouldn't know since i don't read these kinds of things often
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Striker all of this stuff is my original work
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Gracco's Poetry
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