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 Book Review Week! (Competition)

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Book Review Week! (Competition) Empty
PostSubject: Book Review Week! (Competition)   Book Review Week! (Competition) EmptySat Jun 25, 2016 3:55 pm

Hello all!

Starting from Monday the 27th of June, I'll be hosting a new, interesting competition for everyone who is absolutely in love with books! 

The competition works as so. From the following Monday, I'll be expecting you, the members of Envision Forums, to write a creative, interesting, and informative book review on one of your favourite books. The book can be of any Genre (except Erotica. Please don't post Erotic fiction. We have kids here.), of any length, and for any age whatsoever. Your review can be long and detailed, or short and more to-the-point. As long as it informs the members of Envision Forums about what the book is about, all the while keeping their attention and their imaginations open, you have a big chance of being selected as our winner.

So, what will the winner get? A deluxe holiday in India with Sora? A chance to dine with the one, the only, Donald J. Trump? No - however, the winner will be able to receive a cool 500 points - as well as my utmost respect for being able to produce an extremely interesting book review that I feel deserves recognition. The winner will also have his Book Review placed as a Sticky on the 'Book' Sub-section - just so that everyone can see what a great Review should look like for future reference.

But do not worry! In this competition, everyone's a winner! For simply participating and putting effort into your Book Review - I will give you 100 Points right off the bat. This way you at least get something for your hard work.

So, how do you enter? Simple! Starting Monday the 27th Of June 2016, prepare your Book Review, and when you are done, post it under the Book Sub-section. Place the review under the Sub-Catagory, "Book Reviews" (Yet to be made) and, somewhere in your title, put the phrase, "(Book Review Competition)" in there. It is important to note that all candidates who do not do this will be looked over and will not be considered when determining the winner. Thus, it is important to place that on your Title.

Good luck, fellow Book-Enthusiasts! Do the best you can!
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Book Review Week! (Competition)
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