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 A new way to snipe

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A new way to snipe Empty
PostSubject: A new way to snipe   A new way to snipe EmptyThu Jun 30, 2016 8:20 pm

Battlefield 1 includes a Bullet Drop and Critical Hits, and together it's changed the way sniping operates within the game. This will make the sniping aspect have a  lot more difficulty. 

The bullet drop is simply applies to how the bullet flies and how gravity brings it down, as well as wind resistance playing apart by slowing the bullet down. Although this is common within Battlefield,  in Battlefield 1 the value changes as the bullet moves through the air. Now, along with gravity, players will also deal with changes to bullet velocity the further the bullet travels. This is similar to real life where the further a bullet moves, the slower its velocity and wind resistance also affects travel. As the bullet moves further away, the more it will drop before hitting the ground – because physics.

Reload mechanics have also changed compared to Battlefield 4. In that game, if a player reloaded before the magazine was completely empty, it would yield a faster reload time. This isn’t the case with Battlefield 1. Now you must wait until your rifle runs out of bullets before you reload. The reload animation also occurs until the rifle is completely full. This creates an issue for the player if they are fighting for their life, so they shouldn't reload until it's absolutely necessary. Similarly, this brings a sense of realism and follows the WW1 theme. 

This is explained in further detail in the video below...

Will this new aspect to the game help it's battle against the new Call of Duty game?

A new way to snipe Giphy11

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A new way to snipe
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