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 Tournament Rules || MUST READ

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Lost in Illusions

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Tournament Rules || MUST READ Empty
PostSubject: Tournament Rules || MUST READ   Tournament Rules || MUST READ EmptyWed Jun 22, 2016 8:42 pm

Official Tournament Rules

  • Hosts and Players must follow the KDE OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT POLICY

  • Tournament Organizers must follow all of the above rules as closely as possible for all Official Tournaments and Events, except when exceptions must apply.

During a Tournament

  • All matches must be held in the Advanced Unrated or Unlimited Unrated section of DN. 

  • All participants has to confirm scores with the TO in charge. 

  • Watchers password isn't permitted in a EF tournament. 

  • Tournament Organizers have the right to ban anyone on spot for any reasonable case.

Inactivity and Disqualifications

  • Inactivity is treated as being offline for at least 36 hours for all tournaments. 

  • During a tournament, 10 minutes of inactivity is game loss. 

  • If a person is found going AFK on purpose and if they keep on dodging, that person will be disqualified.


  • If a player has to go during a duel, they lose that game if its in the siding, they can continue later.  NOTE: Siding deck screenshots from both sides are required in this case.

  • If a situation cannot be resolved between you and your opponent, you should contact a Tournament Organizer.

  • Tournament Organizers can check any deck WITHOUT permission if a dispute arises in a LOCKED tournament.


  • The consequence for a player leaving a duel for whatever reason is a game loss, except in extreme circumstances. 

  • If there is something,you are unsure off when dealing with a D/C,You may contact a TO. 

  • If the disconnection occurs during siding, the match resumes from the point at which the disconnection occurred.

Tournament Bans

  • Lying,Impersonation, trying to sign up with 2 accounts,cheating,coaching can get you tournament banned. 

  • Tournament bans can ONLY be handed out by a official tournament organizer.

EF Tournament Organizer Team~
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Tournament Rules || MUST READ
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